View Full Version : #1 is finally finished!

Steve Etter
Nov-19-2009, 6:32pm
Well, its taken me almost a full year, but #1 is finally finished!

Steve Etter
Nov-19-2009, 6:33pm
And a couple more...

Nov-19-2009, 7:04pm
I know the feeling, Steve. Mine take forever.
Good job. How does it sound?

Steve Etter
Nov-19-2009, 8:13pm
Thanks, Bill. I'm quite pleased with the sound of it. The bass is quite a bit stronger than I am use to and the treble might be just a little muted. From what I'm hearing, though, there is no doubt this is my player now.


Nov-19-2009, 8:35pm
Cool looking mandolin.

Eric Hanson
Nov-19-2009, 9:03pm
Very Nice!
How does it feel to have a new addiction?

Nov-19-2009, 9:22pm
Congratulations. Looks great.


G. Fisher
Nov-19-2009, 9:46pm
I like the double ridge on the scroll.

Nov-19-2009, 10:39pm
Beautiful. If I had an F-style mandolin it would look like that. Very nice work. I also like your taste in books.

Nov-20-2009, 5:39am
Soundclips, soundclips...

And from the way you pay homage to Hans Brentrupsī photos and the choice of books in the background I propose some lyrical music. :mandosmiley:

Nov-20-2009, 6:18am
Wonderful work !
And thanks a lot for sharing it with us through your blog !

Steve Etter
Nov-20-2009, 8:10am
Thanks everybody.

I am kind of proud of the double ridge on the scroll. While I have no doubt this has been done before, I have personally never seen or heard of it. I wanted to do something original and, if you look at my blog back when I first got started, this is pretty tame compared to what I originally planned.

I really enjoyed doing the blog, too. When I started seriously pondering the idea of building, I found a few similar blogs but most of those were from kits and others were by true professionals. I figured if my experiences could in any way help the next guy who is wanting to build one from scratch, then hey, I should do it. Pay it back and a little forward.

As for sound clips, I don't know that I have the equipment to do it justice but I will give it a try anyway. My playing definitely does not do it justice.

The painting in the background of the photos is actually an original painted by my Mother-in-law, Helen Lowe, who is fairly well known here in East Tennessee. I did not know that Hans was a painter, but now that I do I will be checking out his work.


Kirk Albrecht
Nov-20-2009, 8:40am
Very nice, Steve. I have all the stuff on my workbench (Except finish) for my #1, but it's a kit, so kudos to you! Now I need to get to work! :))

Cathal Whelehan
Nov-20-2009, 9:37am
Very nice looking mando.

I particularly like the back with the dark/light halves matched together (at least they give that good v. evil effect in pics 4,5 and 6 of the original post).

I do think I'd have problems playing it though with those course spacings at the nut (especially the G and D).

Great books too, even if they look as though they've never been opened.

Steve Etter
Nov-20-2009, 9:43am

Yes, the spacings on the G & D strings do seem a little wide, but they feel fine to me. I attempted to match the spacings laid out in Siminoff's book, but its very possible that the grooves moved a little off target when I cut them.

An yes, the books are...well...a bit "newer" than they should be. I'll have to talk to the wife about that :whistling:


Skip Kelley
Nov-20-2009, 12:30pm
Steve, great work! I like the looks of your mandolin. You know there is no turning back now! Building is additive!

Trey Young
Nov-20-2009, 2:08pm
nice job, that double ridge on the scroll is really cool looking...