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Sep-02-2004, 4:24am
Does anyone use this software for their recordings?

Sep-02-2004, 7:01am
I don't use it to record, but I use it to edit and mix things. I have way too many computers and machine tools at my shop to record at my computer.

If you need some help with working on a file, I might be able to help, but not on recording it.


Sep-02-2004, 10:22am
I have several (Soundforge, Guitar Tracks, etc.) and end up using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 almost every time I want to record. I find it the easiest and most straightforward of the recording programs.

Sep-02-2004, 1:57pm
It's been working fine at the beginning for me and I've been very satisfied with it and happy to finally have a working recording software, but today when I wanted to save a file I got this error message: "Error opening file for output". What's wrong? It worked just a few days ago.

I'm losing my patience with this recording thing. I don't want to use Audacity because it doesn't synch. N-track requires too much RAM memory. ANd now this.
What can I do?

Mark Normand
Sep-03-2004, 9:10am
Susi, I'm no expert for sure, but use Cool Edit myself.

I just start the program, click on file/new, choose 44100, click on View, choose multitrack view.

Then on track 1, click on "R" for record, hit the red button down low to start recording, and pick away into the mic.

If I want to laydown another track, I uncheck R on track 1, check R on track 2, hit record, and use guitar, etc.

either way, when done, I usually click on View/Waveform view, then chop the dead air at beginning and end, and then click "Save as" filename.mp3 accordingly.

I may have skipped a step about mixdown, can't remember right now.
No doubt there are many experts here.

Sep-04-2004, 3:19am
Well, the problem is that when I try to save as mp3, it can't find the file. Or something similar. But I found out that I can save as wma instead, so I don't realy care anymore...I convert to mp3 with iTunes.

Sep-06-2004, 11:11am
Well, I won my eBay bid for Cool Edit Pro, so I'll see how easy/hard the program is now. I had previously downloaded a demo version of CoodEdit and it was very restrictive, as far as resource-hogging....wouldn't let me have my network card enabled, needed xxx amount of memory, etc. Luckily, I've got 4 PC's in the house to choose from, so at that time I was able to reserve a PC to CoolEdit, but who wants to do that?? So I'll see how the new version loads and will let you know.


Pete Martin
Sep-07-2004, 9:34am
To save file in CEP, bring it up in edit view (single wav view) Hit "file" "save as". Some versions of CEP allow you to save as an MP3, some don't.

If yours doesn't, I'm sure there is some shareware out there that will do it.