View Full Version : Cigar Box Uke/Mando

Nov-17-2009, 10:54pm
This is another attempt to play around and learn how or what constitutes a mandolin. Have posted an example of two "In The Round" mandolins on the builders page but wanted to share the "box" also. I reinforced the top with a brace under the bridge, bolted the neck on, used Uke strings except for the G and tuned it as GDAE. Thought the labels gave it color and left the hinges and clasp in place. Fun project and my grandson likes it.

Nov-17-2009, 11:56pm
Bo Diddleys Custom Gretch electric guitars had rectangular bodys ,
a homage to the cigar box guitars, etc, in the Old South.. .

Nov-21-2009, 2:43pm
Elderly also sells a commercial version with a built in pickup. I've been tempted to try one.

Nov-21-2009, 5:18pm

I've got two CBGs, both with pick-ups -- one is a reso, with a uke cone in it, and it sounds great. I love the idea of a cigar box mando/uke. They are fun to make and play. :)

Dec-02-2009, 10:20am
I made this one for a customer couple weeks back...full 8 strings, well minus the busted E strings lol. I love cb instruments


Dec-03-2009, 2:10am
What are those cool pickups that can be easily installed in a mando. Can they be ordered through any of the catalogs or are they difficult to find. I am a rookie on this. I did see a unit that had a suction pad that could be applied to the back with a battery operated tiny speaker for a bit of volume. any suggestions?