View Full Version : Blondie got a new home

Mark Seale
Nov-16-2009, 1:33pm
Many thanks to Big Joe for building such a fine instrument. I can't begin to say how happy I am to have it.





Mike Bunting
Nov-16-2009, 1:45pm
Very nice. What kind of case is that?

Danny Clark
Nov-16-2009, 1:50pm
i love the looks of that one,and i have heard about the sound of it ,it suppose to sound as good as it looks!!
i have a Dec 2nd 2003 Master Model ,the one Charlie gave Danny for Christmas,its a good one.

Mark Seale
Nov-16-2009, 2:18pm
Its a Calton. It was part of a project that died on the vine at Gibson.

Tom C
Nov-16-2009, 3:48pm
Is that a custom ? I would think that is the Goldrush model but the GR model usually seem to have smaller F-holes which your does not. nor any dotes.

Mark Seale
Nov-16-2009, 4:00pm
This is the last Derrington-signed MM that was a project of Big Joe's while at Gibson.

Nov-16-2009, 4:44pm
That's quite possibly the best looking Gibson mandolin I've ever seen.....congrats...

Nov-16-2009, 4:46pm
... it glows!

Mark Seale
Nov-16-2009, 5:02pm
My photo work doesn't do it justice, neither does my picking. I'm working on both. :)

Big Joe
Nov-16-2009, 8:07pm
Boo Hoo....I miss her! I hope you enjoy her as much as I did. It is not a Goldrush, but it did give us the idea for the Goldrush. I just wanted to build a mandolin that was a bit different from the other MM's so that is what I did.

Gail Hester
Nov-16-2009, 8:14pm
Joe, that must have been hard to let go of. I feel for you but now you need to build yourself another one.

Nov-16-2009, 11:14pm
Yes Joe, you need to get on that.

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-17-2009, 2:45am
Love the fingerboard inlay (LOL!) - my very favourite,& a stunning looking instrument as well. The 'Gibson' Fern inlay is still one of the most elegant headstock inlays used,in spite of the many 'variations on a theme' that other makers use. I'd be very proud to be associated with that Mandolin,either as it's builder or it's player - it's a beauty !,

Big Joe
Nov-17-2009, 11:27am
I've got one in the works, but then I have about five other projects partially completed as well. Josh told me last week he is going to pack up all my projects except one and hide them until I finish that one then let me have another one to finish. Maybe I am a bit too ADHD ? Nah...couldn't be that :) . I do want to build another mandolin and I want to use the same bracing pattern I did in Blondie. I'm not sure if I will do a fingerboard with no inlay or do one with a vine of life on it. I guess I'll decide when I actually get to the fingerboard. I like both equally, but the plain fingerboard on Blondie was perfect. I think anything more would have been too much. Mark, you are a LUCKY man. And, a great guy to deal with!

Mark Seale
Nov-17-2009, 10:32pm
Thanks Joe. She's in good hands and will be for a long time. And thank you for working with me on the purchase. I hope to get to Nashville some time soon to shake your hand in person.