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Jim Nollman
Nov-13-2009, 12:27pm
I would like to thank whomever came up with the idea of adding a new bit of info in the classifieds, specifying how many times a seller has posted an ad. It's usually hard to tell, and yet vitally important for a buyer to know, who is a pro retailer and who is a guy or gal simply wanting to sell their own instrument. It makes a big difference to me, and I appreciate this upgrade to the Cafe.

Nov-13-2009, 1:21pm
You can read about it here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56482&highlight=number+classifieds).

Eddie Sheehy
Nov-13-2009, 3:26pm
There's a middle-class - neither pro retailer nor once-off seller. We are the Catch-and-Release guys. Semi-collectors who like to keep a bunch of instruments around but in a state of flux so that we can sample everything that's out there. Our collection is a revolving door that tends to keep the overall intrinsic value - more or less.

Nov-13-2009, 3:43pm
... We are the Catch-and-Release guys. ...

That's great! THANK YOU!! Now maybe I can explain to my wife!

Can someone come up with lyrics, maybe based on Queen's "We Are the Champions"?