View Full Version : Mr. Ed Hanrahan's Italian? German? Bowlback

Jake Wildwood
Nov-13-2009, 11:17am
I just posted a little writeup and photos of Mr. Ed's nice little old slotted-headstock bowlback on Antebellum... click here to go (http://antebelluminstruments.blogspot.com/2009/11/c1920s-italian-german-bowlback-mandolin.html).

More info is there, but I've also attached some pics here!

Nov-13-2009, 2:39pm
Jake -

You've outdone yourself once again! Straight neck, nice finish, and BEAUTIFUL bridge. THANKS!!

(Uhmm, who's this "Mr." yer talkin' about?)

Nov-13-2009, 3:41pm
Beautiful restoration Jake. Your passion shines right on through!

Jake Wildwood
Nov-13-2009, 5:52pm
Thanks, the both of you! :)

Dan Hoover
Nov-13-2009, 6:10pm
that looks very nice,Jake you did a great job on that bridge...that soundhole is something else..congrats to you Ed....you have a beautiful instrument...when can we hear it???

Jake Wildwood
Nov-13-2009, 6:46pm
Why not now? Attached!

Dan Hoover
Nov-13-2009, 8:58pm
sounds great Jake...