View Full Version : Mandolin teachers in Hamburg, Germany?

Sep-01-2004, 1:54pm
Im English, living in Hamburg, North Germany and have played the mandolin for quite a few years now. I play regularly with a few friends in Hamburg (mainly Celtic), but Id love to find a mandolin teacher to help me really clean up my technique, and learn other music styles (blues, jazz mandolin, more classical etc). My German is pretty poor, so I need to find an English speaking teacher - believe me thats harder than it sounds!

Any advice / tips etc would be very gratefully received!!!

Sep-03-2004, 12:12pm
Hi Ian,

I think you could contact Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker (the German association for guitar, mandolin etc players)
here. (http://www.bdz-online.de/) Click "BDZ Interaktiv" and then "Diskussionsforum" and click "Ihr Beitrag" ("your contribution") to write your question. Im pretty sure you could write in English and still get answers - my experience (as a tourist, not as a mandolin player) is that most younger Germans speak English well.

Germany has a lively mandolin scene (at least in the classical field) and Hamburg is a big city - there MUST be English-speaking mandolin teachers available there.

Good luck,