View Full Version : The Magnificent Seven, A Study in Wood and Tone

Nov-09-2009, 7:20pm
We have been building up stock of our RedLine Traveler mandolins to be ready to introduce them to a select group of dealers across the country (which we are now doing). This gave us the rare opportunity to have a larger than usual number of mandolins in stock at one time. My friend, Rob Haines is a professional Video Wizard (hope I got that title right) and he graciously offered to produce a video, using top notch equipment, that would hopefully show the subtle differences between maple, mahogany, walnut, Engelmann Spruce, Carpathian spruce, etc.

Since this project involved seven mandolins, Rob wisely split it up into two videos. Since Sesame Street, many of us seem to have a hard time concentrating on one thing for any length of time, so, good idea, Rob!

These videos went up on Youtube this morning. Here are the links. See if you can tell the differences in tone between the various woods as Rob plays on these otherwise nearly identical instruments.



Nov-09-2009, 9:16pm
I hope you dub 3 of them the Akira Kurosawa, the Yul Brenner and the Joe Strummer for my favorite Magnificent 7 references. The sound great. I like the different voices.


Nov-10-2009, 11:36pm
Steve I like the looks of the one with snakehead design. The maple body one sounded good. But I like #50 the best. It seemed to have more low end and fuller tone than the others. Maybe that redwood top has something to do with it.

joshua collum
Nov-11-2009, 5:29pm
Wow, all of them sound really nice. And Rob does a good Bill Monroe impression!

Nov-11-2009, 7:12pm
And Rob does a good Bill Monroe impression!

Thanks Joshua, Blake Williams told me once "That was the worst Bill Monroe impersonation I ever heard." Then later he told me it wasn't so bad after all. :)

Nov-11-2009, 7:52pm
Oh,... is THAT what he was doing....?

BTW, most of those mandolins in the two flicks have shipped or have been delivered, just within the past couple of days. My favorite of the lot, No.50 is still here, though!