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Nov-07-2009, 4:36pm
born feb 1980..a very sweet playing mandolin..very woody tone47416






Two tags inside.. one says feb.1980,, the other says custom frets,,
very small crack near
bottom f-hole..If anyone recognizes it I would appreciate information on its history..best playing mandolin Ive every played..I think it will be with me for some time to come..

Nov-07-2009, 5:02pm
Looks like its cousin is here

Nov-07-2009, 6:58pm
whow...cousin , brother, could be the same one... thanks

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-08-2009, 1:19am
Mike Vanden's Headstock 'logo',now simply has the name 'Vanden' on it. The one shown in the 'link' to a previous thread has had the tailpiece swapped out. I've seen many Vanden instruments in the past,but i've never seen one of Mike Vandens' Mandolins with a t/p like that. He usually fits a 'standard' Gibson style t/p. Mike's workmanship is as good as it gets re.building & the only Vanden i've played (2 years back) sounded & played superbly,

Dave Hanson
Nov-08-2009, 2:52am
Made in Scotland, Simon Mayor plays Mike Vanden mandolins.

Dave H

Nov-08-2009, 3:21am
Mike Vanden makes great mandolins, looks like you have a beauty there :)


Nov-11-2009, 7:31am
Ive played a couple of them over the years (and dont own one). They are quite good. I found out though, that the tone of all the Vandens Ive seen differs quite a bit. The best one Ive played had a special neck angle that needed an incredibly high bridge. The tone of that one was the best.

Jim Hilburn
Nov-11-2009, 9:36am
This one was done just a couple of months before I completed my first mandolin, or I should say Nugget completed my first mandolin since he did the finish.
Based on the inlay and scroll I'd bet this was based strongly on the first Siminoff book as were my first three. I bet it has the mortise ans pin neck joint.