View Full Version : Is this what the end pin looked like originally?

Rob Gerety
Nov-06-2009, 9:26am
I have a new to me 1916 Gibson A4. Here is a shot of the end pin. Is this the way it was originally? If not, what can I do? I want to attached a strap here and as it is that is impossible. It appears to me that a collar that once was around the end pin what would prevent it from sliding so far in has been chipped away and is non existent now. Why would you do this? Perhaps as a way of tightening up the fit? What is the fix? Do I need to plug and redrill or can a new pin be fitted?

Darryl Wolfe
Nov-06-2009, 9:32am
Yep..you need a new one

Gail Hester
Nov-06-2009, 9:59am
It should look more like this one.

Rob Gerety
Nov-06-2009, 10:13am
Its funny, this is the second used mandolin I have purchased with this exact same issue. Tell me, am I going to need to plug and redrill - or can I just fit a new one in the existing hole?

The end pin in there now has larger diameter inlay then the one shown in Gail's post - it almost fills the entire end face of the pin. Is mine probably the way it was originally? - not a big deal, but where I can I want to keep it looking the way is did.

Gail Hester
Nov-06-2009, 10:42am
Here are some end pins that I have removed from old Gibson mandolins due to damage to the collar. It’s a common thing and in many cases the hole has been reamed out to fit the pin as the collar chips away, I assume that’s why they did it. They varied a lot until the Loar era (the one in the center/right) and then they seem to all look similar. My guess is that they just used violin end pins of the day.

Since the collar is gone on yours you should replace it. You can either have a new one with a larger shaft fitted to the over sized hole or fit a more normal sizeed one after filling and re-drilling/reaming to fit (my preference).

Rob Gerety
Nov-07-2009, 12:47pm
I picked up a new ebony end pin. It "almost" fits, just a tiny tiny bit too small to hold reliably with a strap attached. Then I came across this by Frank Ford - but I'm afraid to try it myself and I don't have a reamer anyway - so, what to do???


Nov-07-2009, 1:09pm
You could try putting the superglue on the end pin and then sand it a little if it's too big. The worst that can happen is that you mess up the end pin.

Michael Gowell
Nov-07-2009, 10:56pm
...or wrap some black thread around the end pin to increase its circumference a bit.

Nov-12-2009, 8:35am
Paper or tape around the end pin has worked for me.

Nov-12-2009, 9:29am
If it's just slightly too small you could wet it (lick it) and stick it back in there. That's worked for me but they were just a little loose.

Rob Gerety
Nov-12-2009, 2:07pm
I ended up painting a couple of coats of white glue on a new oversized end pin. I let it dry and then installed it. Seems to be tight and holding so far. If that doesn't work I'm going to have it repaired by filling and re-drilling. So far so good though.