View Full Version : New Davide Catalfamo A #36

Nov-05-2009, 8:59am

Nov-05-2009, 9:07am
That's a good looking mandolin. Congratulations.


Trey Young
Nov-05-2009, 9:54am
Congrats, that particular mando caught my eye too. It seems like he does pretty good work.

Nov-05-2009, 1:02pm
Yeah. I passed on it a couple of times. Then I was kicking myself for not buying that Weber Custom A. Then I looked at it again and spoke to David on the phone. It kind of grew on me and the price was right. It turned out to be a great mando. It's well-made, has a great voice and is remarkably loud.
I B very happy with it. :mandosmiley:

Don Grieser
Nov-05-2009, 1:22pm
He's in NM, right? For some reason (maybe because I live in the middle of nowhere) I haven't got to play one of his yet.

Jake Wildwood
Nov-05-2009, 1:53pm
Looks nice. Tasteful. Sound clip?

Nov-05-2009, 2:57pm
Echoing the above - nice going on taking that mandolin. Hope it's a keeper. I sent Mr Catalfamo an email about an earlier instrument, and maybe I'll follow up on a future one. That's very much the style that attracts me.

Nov-05-2009, 7:25pm
Yes, he's in Albuquerque.