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Brian T
Nov-04-2009, 6:26pm
I am in the process of developing some nice wooden mandolin stands, but I need some ideas. How about some pics of nice stands made in your shops?

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-05-2009, 3:38am
I think that 'Doug Edwards' makes a really good Mandolin stand as well as his famed Armrests.But simply do a web search & you'll find lots of different styles available,

Nov-05-2009, 8:02pm

I make some wooden stands more-or-less like this one. I don't make any single instrument racks/stands, which seem to be what a lot of players are looking for. I use portable and folding stands like the Hercules or some of the A-frame types that are light and easy to pack off to gigs.

The Stage Player Guitar Stool if pretty handy for guitars.


More can be seen on my website: http://www.thebaileystrap.com/

Good luck in the shop.



Doug Edwards
Nov-06-2009, 9:15pm
I've done twenty-four or so of these, clocks too.

Nov-07-2009, 7:36am
Nice work, Doug.


Nov-07-2009, 8:22am
Nice work, Doug.


Hey Bill!

your racks don't look too shabby either!! :grin:

now if you could only make one that could be knocked down for portability... :mandosmiley::mandosmiley:

Doug Edwards
Nov-07-2009, 8:42am
I like Bill's design too.

I had the thought of a combo guitar/mando stand something like Bill's. Like three or four guitar slots then a smaller portion for three or four mandos with a drawer underneath. Just on the drawing board for now, but it would suit my needs.

Andy Alexander
Nov-07-2009, 9:15am
Our family band played on a show with Rhonda Vincent last summer. Their equipment was in the wings of the stage when we were on. Rhonda had a suitcase type arrangement that opened up into a stand for all of her instruments so they would be handy to grab. I thought it was really neat.

Ben Milne
Nov-07-2009, 9:30am
the fold down style racks are referred to as guitar boats... (or toast racks depending what mood you are in). they are similar to Bill's design when set up but fold down to the same size as a guitar case...
Definetely handy for when teching multiple instruments for live acts.
here's one containing Warren Ellis' mandocasters. - seen sidestage @ a Nick Cave gig.

would love to see a Mando-boat...

Nov-07-2009, 10:48am
I've thought it odd that there's not a readily available double stand -- light, foldable, easy to carry -- for mandolin and fiddle, considering how many double on the two.

Ben Milne
Nov-07-2009, 11:05am
Jimmie if ur not after a handmade wooden one like the thread subject, try a hercules... they have 1,2 and 3 instrument stands that would suit... you'd just have to come up with something for your bow. (there are some clamp on holders I've seen available though not sure of brand etc.) the headstock grabbers are great.

here's a triple stand like what i'm talkin about... this is one i got for my old man... he plays both mando and fiddle at church, bush-dances and jams etc... latest update is he loves the stand for gigs and everybody else is suitably impressed.

herules are pretty readily available both online and in music stores

Brian T
Nov-07-2009, 3:44pm
Thanks for the response. I've been toying with some ideas for a while, but these pics are really giving me some meat to chew on.

Nov-07-2009, 4:33pm
Doug, et al,

I have made a couple of combo stands/racks (mandolin/guitars), but forgot to take pictures. Dang, seems my senior moments are coming faster and harder. I'm so darn busy I don't know whether I'm coming or going---don't even check the Cafe very often and stumbled on this thread by accident. I'm just as bad at marketing...but I like to think I'm a decent teacher!!!

I once made a rack for eight guitars---I hope I don't have to do that again! It got crushed by USP Freight in the shipping and became a big deal in my little life. It looked like the fellows at UPS dropped it off the Empire State Building...

But I sure agree with you that many players have both mandolins and guitars and that a studio furniture-like stands (or racks) would be popular. A lot of folks have beautiful music rooms and they like nice stands like yours.

Good luck in the shop. Blessings and peace.



Andy Alexander
Nov-07-2009, 9:02pm
Swing String makes some instrument hangers that clamp onto mic stands. My son often plays both mandolin and fiddle in the same song and needs to switch quickly sometimes while singing. These hangers on mic stands can be made high enough so that he doesn't have to bend over to change instruments allowing him to keep his mouth on the vocal mic. He hangs his mandolin on his vocal/fiddle mic stand and his fiddle & bow on a seperate stand with no mic on it. He has a third stand for his mandolin mic. I'll bet Swing String could come up with just what you want.

The guitar boat is the same concept as what Rhonda had but hers really did look just like an open suitcase . There were padded places in the suitcase for the butts of the instruments and neck rests in the lid for them to lean back against.