View Full Version : Baritone Mandolin

Barry Mando
Nov-03-2009, 11:00am
Check out my baby.

Mike Black
Nov-03-2009, 12:37pm
So what's the scoop?

How's it tuned, the scale length?

Barry Mando
Nov-03-2009, 1:06pm
It is an octave down but with a high 5th string tuned to B.

Nov-03-2009, 9:13pm
Wonder If its one of those Ronnos , the scoundrel embezzled my $1250. a build deposit for a,
empty promises, ... vapor instrument. :mad: :crying: :mad:

Barry Mando
Nov-03-2009, 9:25pm
Actually it is a Rono. Several years ago someone came up to me and asked if what I playing was a Rono and I said yes and then he paused and then said " That M.F. took my money!" I told him I was sorry he got screwed and I asked what happened and he said to look at this forum and I will find out. Well, I did and it took just about all day to read thru all the complaints. So I apologize to as well. I was lucky because I got mine in Sept 2001 and I havent put it down ever since. To be honest I thought it took a lot longer than I expected but I figured it was me being impatient. Anyway check out my youtube page if you want to hear it and me in action.

Nov-04-2009, 7:33pm
That's pretty, but I kept on getting distracted by your lovely lefty Esquire!

Barry Mando
Nov-04-2009, 8:21pm
Thanks but its not a lefty and neither am I its the video. Sorry for misleading you. I love that Esquire its a great guitar. Here lately Ive been trying to figure out how I can reduce its size into baritone mando land so I can have a "Tele"


Nov-08-2009, 5:02pm
Well it looks great either which way it is!