View Full Version : Electrifying acoustic and case question

Nov-01-2009, 9:43pm
Although I primarily play acoustically, sometimes my wife and I will be playing out and an acoutic tenor guitar cannot be heard above her electric piano. As I have two Harmony jazz style tenor guitars that are almost identical, I am planning to add a pickup to one of them.
It will be used mainly for Swing music and chordal accompaniment. Any suggestions as to an appropriate pick up? I don't want an electric sound but an amplified acoustic sound.

As well. when I fly I have been taking along a mandolin as a carry on but would really like to take one of my tenors. Does anyone know of a hard shell case that would fit the Harmony jazz style? The problem with most cases is that the guitar won't lay flat as the neck is resting too high up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rob Gerety
Nov-05-2009, 7:20am
Hard to do better than the Schertler Dyn G (the M would also work fine). A good instrument mic is very good - maybe best - but the Schertler is as close as you can get in my opinion. There are many opinions and options out there, this can become a bit of a black hole. One thing about the Schertler Dyn is that it can be moved from instrument to instrument very quickly and easily. Good luck.