View Full Version : David Bromberg/Pete Huttlinger impromptu concert Fur Peace Ranch

Roger Wheeler
Nov-01-2009, 9:57am
Saturday afternoon at the Fur Peace Ranch Pete Huttlinger walked up with his Gilchrist F style and David Bromberg grabbed his guitar and it was on!!!

Nov-01-2009, 11:24am
I bet that was very nice. I really enjoyed learning about the Fur Peace Ranch in a previous edition of the Fretboard Journal. I never would have heard of it before.


Roger Wheeler
Nov-01-2009, 1:06pm
Jamie, it's an awesome experience. I'm actually in one of the pictures in the Fretboard Journal. I was there when they did that story.

Rick Schmidlin
Nov-01-2009, 1:28pm
Great to see David, I have known him since 1972. He turned me on to Muleskin and Areo Plane(That he produced)