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Will Kimble
Oct-31-2009, 8:52am
I had a great time at the CMSA convention in Dayton yesterday, sorry for the fuzzy pics, but they will give you an idea of what I saw.

I have never had such a nice display before - 2 F5s, an A5, an A style & H5 mandola, and an octave mandolin:


Dr. Dave Cohen had a very nice collection, my favorites were the 13" scale oval hole classical model and the killer octave and 'cello:


Herb Taylor had some very interesting instruments including a yellow cedar / myrtle guitar that was outstanding:


It was great to meet Brian Dean, I really enjoyed talking to him about what he has been doing and where he is heading. He had two bowlback mandolins that were a joy to look at and to play. We also had fun getting Dr. Dave all riled up as we shared ideas about mandolin construction:


Finally, DHR had a fabulous display with a variety of musical instruments. Dale, Bill & Brad are all super guys and it looks like they are getting serious about mandolins. If you ever get a chance to visit (Montgomery suburb of Cincinnati) don't hesitate, it is the most amazing music store I have ever been in:


It was also great to say hello to Marilynn Mair and Don Stiernberg as well as many old friends I have made in the the CMSA over the years.

Will Kimble

Oct-31-2009, 11:17am
Great photos from a cool event, Will. Thanks! I always appreciate being able to put a face to a builder. Great looking instruments, all.


Oct-31-2009, 11:23am
Mandocellists, if you're looking for one....Herb Taylor has a really nice one that I THINK is being played by Paul Ruppa in the picture. It'd be mine if I had the money. No, I can't describe the wood, but it has a really strong sound without being harsh and a a GREAT low register.
Yvonne, enjoying her FIRST CMSA convention!

John Goodin
Nov-01-2009, 8:45pm
Will, it was great to see you again and it was pretty awesome to see so many of your fine instruments in one place. I really loved that A model. This was the best collection of dealers and instruments at a CMSA meeting in many years.

We regular CMSA folks tend to take Dave Cohen a little for granted but his instruments are fabulous. Every year I see more and more of them in the en masse orchestra. Dave and Brian also were both very helpful with my recently acquired A jr. (I think it might finally be in tune guys, now that I've got it at home). Brian's new orchestra model bowlback was a real knockout too.

I'm sorry you couldn't stick around for the Sat. night concert. Don, Larry, Jim, Marilynn, Bob, Annika and Fabian were all in fine form.

Hope to see you at a future convention,

John G.

Skip Kelley
Nov-02-2009, 7:53am
Awesome looking instruments! Thanks, Will for the pics!

Will Kimble
Nov-02-2009, 12:28pm
Thanks guys, here are a couple of pics that wouldn't fit in my original post.

Here is Ely Karasik at his table full of sheet music and recordings, all of music he has composed for mandolin over the years:


And here is another shot of the DHR booth, this time you can see the gorgeous tortoise-bound blonde F5 from Collings:


Best wishes,
Will Kimble

Nov-02-2009, 11:19pm
i spoke with Dr. Cohen for quite a while and was impressed with his knowledge and passion for building...even more , he was willing to share that with me...i have a long way to go to match his skill and fire....i look forward to the trip...keith