View Full Version : 1960s Truetone/Harmony Archtop Mandocello

Jake Wildwood
Oct-30-2009, 12:26pm
Well folks, here's a video of a mid-60s archtop (Harmony built?) with a Truetone label that I converted over into a mandocello. 26" scale length, big, big tone. Needed a neck reset but that went along just dandy. Unwound As as I didn't have light enough wound strings to work it on hand.

Oct-30-2009, 12:39pm
Nice, Jake,
Very nice tone as you said. I'd like to see some pictures of this instrument if you have them. Is it for sale?

Oct-30-2009, 1:23pm
Sounds lovely. Love the painted flamed top. You've rescued another.


Jake Wildwood
Oct-30-2009, 2:40pm
Thanks fellas! It's definitely a fun instrument. I have an evil temptation to hack at all the archtops I have in the store right now. :)

Bill: PMed you.