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Aug-31-2004, 6:33am
Here is my mandolin. It sounds good for the money. I couldn't invest the big bucks until I learned the instrument and could train my ear to know what one would ultimately sound like. Now that I have played a Gibson F-9 and A-9 and hopefully will play a BRW in the near future, I am beginning to "hear" what a mando should be. But I am pleased with this one right now. Good volume, medium sustain, low frets, a little heavy.

Aug-31-2004, 1:55pm
Pic #2 in my TKL case.

Aug-31-2004, 2:02pm
Lastly the fingerboard detailing...abalone. See the headstock in the headstock thread on this board.

Sep-07-2004, 1:15pm

Sounds like you bought for the same reasons I bought mine. How long have you been playing?...Now I've got MAS BAD!!!! I have an octave, mandola, an MK Legacy O and I'm having one made by David Freshwater...and as you know I'm looking at trading up with my Gold Tone...man it's a sickness...tee hee

Sep-07-2004, 1:49pm

Yep....me too. I just purchased a Gibson A-9 from the classifieds here. Check should be in his hands today. And yesterday I bought another GM-70 with about $350 worth of upgrades on it. So I think I have a terminal case of MAS. Is there any remedy or cure? Is this spread by casual contact with this message board? Do we have a potential for a law suit if this becomes a terminal case? Do they make an iron lung for the ones with the worst case of MAS envy? Drooling over some of these mandos make me hyperventilate. Stay tuned right here...same Bat time, same bat channel...

When I get my first GM-70 back from the luthier with the higher frets, I will look at all of my "toys" and decide which one to give away to a special person.