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Oct-26-2009, 10:31am
I posted this song on youtube, so the sound quality is not that
great, but it's still OK.

I'm not a great Mandolin player, but I do use it in this song, so
I'm not trying to impress anyone with my unbelievable
Mando work. I love the sound(and it's fun to play),
and it goes well with Guitar.




Oct-26-2009, 2:47pm
Not bad.

Nice work. :mandosmiley:

Dan Hoover
Oct-26-2009, 2:50pm
very nice...and a good looking vespa too...what year is that?

Oct-26-2009, 3:20pm
RE: "very nice...and a good looking vespa too...what year is that?"

Thank you, and........It's a 1965 Vespa SS180.

A few people have asked for the mp3, if anyone want's
it they can send me their e-mail address, and I will send
the high quality mp3.



Mando Smash
Oct-26-2009, 5:13pm
Nice Job Man!:)

Oct-31-2009, 5:52am
RE: Nice Job Man!

Thank you


Darren Bailey
Nov-01-2009, 5:21am
Two things in common, I have a Vespa P200E and a 150 Super from 1971. The two great inventions of mankind, mandolins and vespa scooters (i suppose there's a few others too).

Nov-06-2009, 9:25pm
RE: "I have a Vespa P200E and a 150 Super from 1971
The two great inventions of mankind
mandolins and vespa scooters"

I agree, I also have a 1962 TV175 series 3 Lambretta, I'm sure
most here have no idea what I'm talking about.

In the summer I ride Vintage scooters and play my stringed instruments,
and in the Winter, my scooters sit inside, and all I
do is play music.



Jill McAuley
Nov-06-2009, 11:00pm
There are mandolin playing scooter enthusiasts to be found - I like Lambrettas but am more of a Vespa gal. At one point these were all mine, but were all sold when I moved back to Ireland a few years back.

-1976 150 Sprint
-1980 100 Sport
-1977 Primavera

I actually found the 100 Sport on the roadside, being tossed out with a load of old rubbish that had been in someone's backgarden!


Nov-07-2009, 1:13am
here you go