View Full Version : 1924 Gibson A4 Snakehead w/virzi value est.

Oct-22-2009, 1:33pm
I have a 1924 Gibson A4 Snakehead mandolin w/virzi, and am in the process of listing it on eBay. Just wondering what I should set as my reserved price, or perhaps what I should expect as the sales price? Any direction is appreciated. It is in very good condition and plays beautifully. Thanks for your help!

Oct-22-2009, 1:57pm
Have you thought about listing it for sale in the classifieds here? I'm sure you'd get a lot of response for that particular mandolin. As far as value, $6500-7500 depending on condition? Maybe some of the Gibson experts will chime in.

Oct-22-2009, 2:03pm
I'm with Shaun. Give it a spin here before slapping it on the ol' Bay.

Oct-22-2009, 2:05pm
FYI.......There's a wanted ad in the classifieds for one of these. YOu could save yourself some auction fees.

Oct-22-2009, 2:10pm
I'm not sure about the value, but would bet Shaun's at least in the ballpark. I'd third the rec to try the classifieds here first. Set your asking price, decide what you'd be willing to take for it, and don't settle for less. If it doesn't work out after a couple of weeks here you can always try the ebay route for a broader audience, but you also run the risk of selling for way less than you could get, or lose interest by setting a high reserve...and, I think you incur fees for a no sale, though I'm not sure how substantial those are.

A lot of guys and ladies on here are much more experienced with the Bay and vintage instruments, so hold out for better advice, but I think I'd start in the classifieds here. Another option regarding pricing would be to either pay for an "official" appraisal or call several music stores and ask them what they think (thinking Cafe sponsors here). They may give you great info for free, they may not, but it can't hurt to ask...

Ooooh, hadn't seen the want add...that may make your life substantially easier if you can get a reasonable estimate...

Dave Greenspoon
Oct-22-2009, 10:23pm
I asked Charles Johnson from Mandolinworld.com about the value of a late Loar snakehead A-4 a while ago. He indicated it would command $2000.00 more than a similar A2Z. He currently has a similar A2Z on his site, listed at $6500.00 and on hold for a buyer. Good luck!

Charles Johnson
Oct-24-2009, 10:50pm
Hi Dave
That was then, this is now. For a while the A4 snakeheads were on an accelerating price trend. Values have pulled back like most of the mandolin market. I would say the A2Z and the A4 snakeheads are roughly equal now in market value, with the A4 having a slight edge. I believe the current market will not support a $2000 price differential, however.

Best regards
Charles Johnson

Darryl Wolfe
Oct-26-2009, 8:57am
I agree with Charles $7500 max but $6500 is more realistic provided that it is very nice and complete

Oct-26-2009, 9:10am
Carmel Music has one for sale in that range currently. There is also one at RetroFret but it's a little pricey!

jim simpson
Oct-26-2009, 11:40pm
Wow, I'm sorry I didn't pick one up at Vintage Instruments in Philly when I lived there. I tried out a sunburst and a natural stain. The best sounding one was the plain looking one, not the sunburst. I wanted an F4 at the time I stopped by their shop. I believe either snake could have been had for $2400 - wasnt' that long ago.

Oct-27-2009, 1:12am
Well, $2400 is a decent but not a stellar price for a snakehead A, A1, or A2. It's only the A4 and A2Z that fetch the higher prices.