View Full Version : Neil J Dean A-5

Jeffrey Lewis
Oct-19-2009, 3:38pm
Hey gang,

Haven't been here on the Cafe in about 3 years! Back now though, and with pictures. Here's the Neil J Dean A-5 I waited 2 years for. I absolutely love it.

Jeffrey Lewis
Oct-19-2009, 3:39pm
Sorry 'bout the bad pictures. . .

Oct-19-2009, 4:08pm
Welcome back. And that is a mighty fine A5 you've got there. Neil makes some very stunning mandolins, I wish to play one someday.

Skip Kelley
Oct-20-2009, 10:54am
Jeffrey, that is a sweet looking A model!

Oct-29-2009, 1:11pm
Neil is super talented and a nice guy to boot. I like how he builds his A style similar to Gilchrist's body shape.