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Aug-30-2004, 3:47am
withak, on the "celtic, european folk, etc." section of the message board posted an interesting question on how best to differentiate one dance rythym from another. #

one of the examples he left was: # waltz - 3/4 time, various speeds 1 2 3 1 2 3 exagerate 1 (I was waltzing with my darling the night they were playing the beautiful tennesee waltz...)

could i impose on your collected wisdom and ask the same for:

- estampie
- saltarello
- bass danse
- gagliarde (galliard)
- pavan
- jig

i play tunes in almost all these rythyms but the tempo at which i play them is ... variable ... to say the least.

regards - bill

Jim Garber
Aug-30-2004, 7:35pm
Not to go into deep detail...

The tempi make a difference as well as which note is emphasized. For instance, a std traditional American folk waltz would be in 3/4 time but have the emphasis on the 1-2-3, whereas a Swedish polska might have it as 1-2-3.


Aug-31-2004, 11:56am
You're goin' way back for these.

Estampie: A medieval dance-based instrumental composition that functions almost like a double rondo, typically with two themes alternating between two ending statements: i.e. of roughly A-A'-B-B' form.

Salterello: A medieval-renaissance dance in triple time, similar to the galliard. #I don't know if this is correct or not, but I often associate the term with a melody supported by a drone-like accompaniment.

Basse dance: A stately early renaissance dance with the upper voices improvised (or, if composed, improvisatory in style) over a cantus firmus (i.e. the "basse"). #Check out Peter Warlock's setting in his Capirola Suite for a famous example.

Galliard: A lively triple-time dance popular in the late renaissance. I suppose it's kinda waltzy without so much exaggerated emphasis on 1.

Pavan: A stately double-meter dance popular in the renaissance. #Pavan-Galliard sets were very common. #When paired, they were often based upon similar themes and functioned as a kind of proto-suite.

Jig: Exactly what you'd expect, a lively dance in 6/8 usually grouped 1-2-3, 4-5-6.

Aug-31-2004, 2:36pm
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