View Full Version : Wilkie 2 point Mandolin Sold at Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz, Ca

Mark Gibbs
Oct-15-2009, 7:13pm
Well, I did not buy it and I don't know who did but this unique Wyatt Wilkie 2 Point Mandolin has a new home. It was sold at Sylvan Music Shop in Santa Cruz, Ca. Carved spruce top Carved African Beli back, sides, binding, & bridge, Spanish cedar neck.

Christopher Standridge
Oct-15-2009, 7:45pm
Now that is settled, will you be making certain all other mandolins for sale get sold?:whistling:

Oct-15-2009, 10:28pm
I know one black face two point thats not going anywhere any time real soon.

gibson mandoman
Oct-18-2009, 9:23pm
post deleted.

joshua collum
Oct-18-2009, 9:35pm
That comment seems uncalled for. You must not understand the context of Rovinmando's reply. Do you?....

gibson mandoman
Oct-18-2009, 9:39pm
post deleted.

joshua collum
Oct-18-2009, 9:50pm
You won't last long around here.

Christopher Standridge
Oct-18-2009, 9:58pm
Whoa... easy fellas. No reason to get so worked up. I didn't mean to cause such emotional reactions within the forum.
I only was commenting on someone appearing as they were going to alert the cafe when mandolins sold. I would not be against such a service. Te each his own.
Maybe I should have sent a PM to the OP.
Perhaps gibsonmandoman can be an example and teach me how to be a better neighbor and be less of a d#*@$(#%Bag. I really am trying.
Please forgive my insensitive post.

Oct-18-2009, 10:04pm
Some of us need to read more and post less. This thread is done.