View Full Version : Chris Stanley V-5 #42 quilted maple back

Bert Deivert
Oct-15-2009, 2:37pm
Just got this a week ago and have been playing it a lot. After not being able to pick this up because of falling ill in June, Chris stored it for me at his workshop till I could get a friend to bring it to me. Chris is great to work with and the tone and beauty of this has convinced me to order an A model too! You can see some other (more professional) pics of this on his website:

Since I live in Europe and have never even SEEN a Loar F-5 up close, I can't say anything about his reputation of the Loar sound straight out of the case, but this mandolin has an incredible sound and will be used to play blues mandolin, which is what I do. Not the ordinary thing to use an F-5 style mandolin for that kind of music, but I play mostly pre-war blues and love the vintage sounds of my old Gibsons and Nationals. This one fits right in there!


Mike Bunting
Oct-15-2009, 3:06pm
Congratulations, it's a beauty. I enjoying mine more and more every day. Welcome to the Stanley club!

John Malayter
Oct-15-2009, 4:21pm
Just wait till it opens up...........


John Malayter
Stanley #5

Oct-15-2009, 5:00pm
Beautiful. Those Stanley's a very nice.


Oct-15-2009, 5:12pm
That quilted maple on the back is absolutely fantastic. Congrats on the new mando. You're a lucky guy! Cheers, Benski:mandosmiley:

Oct-15-2009, 5:13pm
Bert, How can you be blue when playing that beauty? ;) :grin:

Bert Deivert
Oct-16-2009, 2:53am
Thanks folks... nice to see some other Stanley owners here!
Yeah i won't be blues playing it but playing the blues...


Oct-16-2009, 3:33am
I enjoyed the pictures. I like the way the "Stanley" logo is inlayed in the headstock. Aparently he has this (http://www.stanleymandolin.com/index.html) logo too, that I donīt like at all. I also donīt dig the tortoise/white kind of binding that I saw at the Mandomutt website. Yours looks great though, just the way I likeīem.

I too think itīs the right instrument to play blues on. You can get into the right feeling thinking of your lover running away with the mandolin.

Now if we could only get some soundclips... Bert, how about posting a little bit of "The Key To the Highway"? Seems like Stanley mandolin lovers are an elusive bunch. I tried to to get Mike Bunting all wound up to post some music but he doesnīt seem to want to. Could be a lack of recording equipment too, lack of time, whatsoever. Now itīs up to you Bert. (If you could, do some overdubs [in the awaited recording] and throw in a good measure of one of your vintage Gibsons)

John Malayter
Oct-16-2009, 1:58pm
Sound clips have been on my adjenda for some time now but don't think the true sound of the mandolin will overpower the sucking sound my playing makes :)) But one of these day's it may happen.

As many of you know #5 was recently on the block for a number of reasons but finally I bit the bullet and had the frets changed to slightly larger wire and woweeee what a difference in playabilty. I just never got used the the small fret size. So after I made the arrangements to keep #5 and the fret job was complete I can't believe how great this mandolin sounds and plays. Its back is very similar to #42 and if I ever get over the "giant sucking sound" I'll post a clip or 2.


John Malayter
Oct-16-2009, 2:07pm
Trying to put an image in, it aint workin

John Malayter
Oct-16-2009, 2:27pm
Here's #5

Bert Deivert
Oct-22-2009, 4:59pm
John is yours a one piece back or 2 piece?
I saw that it had been for sale previously and that is when I contacted Chris and said I wanted to buy one! That #5 is gorgeous.

here is a little clip of mine.


Oct-23-2009, 5:10am
Bert, hereīs your video embedded.

My comment:
Yes! Thatīs what I was waiting for.
Nice pickin and bluesy singinī, nice mandolin.
There ainīt too many Stanley mandos in Europe...

Oct-23-2009, 6:24am
Very nice tune and great sounding mando!

Oct-23-2009, 7:04am
Awesome sounding instrument and nice deft picking.

Skip Kelley
Oct-23-2009, 7:45am
Thats a powerful sounding mandolin! Great blues pickin' too!

John Malayter
Oct-23-2009, 7:56am
Bert, thanks it surely is a great mandolin. I'm glad I was able to keep it. Yes, its a one piece back and I just got a taterbug pick which makes it even louder.


Bert Deivert
Oct-24-2009, 8:38am
John what is a taterbug pick?

thanks for the nice comments folks, this video was done very quickly for some folks that have asked for some stuff slowed down.


Oct-26-2009, 2:31am
Bert, a "Taterbug pick" is a Mike Compton special edition of the Red Bear pick.

John Malayter
Oct-26-2009, 9:34am
Yaassserrr, Oggy has it right.

Got it right from Mr. Taterbug himself.

Oct-26-2009, 4:29pm
Welcome to the Stanley Owners. Great looking and sounding Stanley. Nice playing. Love those blues licks. As John says wait til it opens up. I was so impressed with mine when I got it. Had no idea it was going to sound the way it does now.

Bert Deivert
Nov-01-2009, 7:28am
Thanks Tony
any pics of yours up here somewhere?
or of any other Stanley owners? I have only seen pics of mine and number 5!


Nov-01-2009, 9:19am
Lovely mandolin, great lesson! Thanks for posting. I learnt a lot from it. :)