View Full Version : Restored c1900 Silvestri Bowlback Mandolin

Oct-15-2009, 4:17am
Maybe my favorite restoration so far, not least because it was a well made instrument that was a pleasure to work on. Just a few sprung joins, a new finish and some new frets and it's good to go...

Just wish I could keep hold of the thing long enough to get through a complete tune! Maybe I should have made the back less shiny :grin:


Dan Hoover
Oct-15-2009, 6:40am
very nice,any before pics?

Oct-15-2009, 7:26am
very nice,any before pics?

I had a nasty feeling someone might ask that :disbelief:

I didn't take many before pics, but I've added a couple below that I took to illustrate some questions I posted on the builders forum - and BTW a big thankyou to everyone over there and on this site generally for being so unreasonably helpful :grin:

Jake Wildwood
Oct-15-2009, 12:21pm
Nice job! That's a handsome bowl.