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Aug-29-2004, 9:27pm
What would be a general all around starter CD for the classical Mandolin? Where should I start? Thanks, dy.

Aug-30-2004, 11:48am
I definitely would recommend that one introduce oneself to the instrument through music composed for the instrument, not arrangements. #I have thoughts on a couple directions that could take: 1) you pursue standards written for mandolin by famous, recognizable composers that are standards by virtue of the general musical quality of the output associated with those famous names or 2) you pursue music by mandolin specialist composers/performers that represents the state of the technical art. #In those veins, any of the following would be recommended introductions:

I. Mandolin music by really famous guys
Galfetti, Duilio. 2000. Mandolin and Fortepiano. Arts Music, 47610-2.
# # The four Beethoven works, the Hummel sonata, and a couple groovy sonatas by Hoffman.
# #
Galfetti, Duilio & Il Giardino Armonico. 1993. Vivaldi: Concerti per Liuto e Mandolino. Teldec, 4509-91182-2.
# # This is my favorite recording of the venerable Vivaldi stuff, on period instruments including 6-course, gut-strung mandolini.

Stephens, Alison. 1994. Music for Mandolin. Amon Ra, 53.
# # The four Beethoven works, the Hummel Sonata, the two Mozart songs as well as suites for two mandolins by Calace and Barbella for good measure. #Alison plays a glorious modern mandolin by Embergher.

Walz, Richard. 1998. Works for Mandolin and Fortepiano. Globe, GLO 5187.
# # A great recording of three of the Beethoven works and the Hummel sonata as well as a great sonata by Neuling on a period Neapolitan mandolin.

II. Music by mandolin specialist composers
Orlandi, Ugo & the Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre "Citta di Brescia." 1998. Calace: Works for Mandolin Quartet and Mandolin Orchestra. Nuova Era, 7302.
# # A very nice recording of ensemble music by one of mandolin's greatest champions/composers. #An excellent orchestral arrangement of the 3rd concerto is here, but with the movements recorded in reverse order (III, II, I).

Stephens, Alison. 2004. Con Espressione. Astute Music Ltd., AS05.
# # Unaccompanied solos by mando-pillars Calace, Munier, Pettine, Nakano, et al. #Really tasty.

Troester, Gertrud. 1995. The Romantic Mandolin of Raffaele Calace. Thorofon, CTH 2211.
# # This features all 10 of Calace's unaccompanied preludes for mandolin. #They must be heard to be believed: no overdubs!

Walz, Richard. 1999. Mandolin Treasures from the Golden Era. Plucked String Disc, PSD-007.
# # Munier, Calace, Pettine, et al., half with piano accompaniment and half unaccompanied solos played on a chic 1908 Pettine Special Model mandolin by Vega.

Aug-30-2004, 10:14pm
A great big thanks, this is what I was looking for. Thank you for your time and help, it is a perfect starting point for me, I'll keep you posted....dy.

Aug-31-2004, 1:29am

The Sydney Mandolins -Artistic Director Adrian Hooper- have released 90 CDs.

Their contemporary repertoire includes some of the finest Classical works for:
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To view the CDs, with repertoire lists, see the Compact Disk page at:

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