View Full Version : goldtone guitar/mandolin

Oct-13-2009, 4:06pm
nice playing ... but ... (shudder):

John Flynn
Oct-13-2009, 4:10pm
Gee, for the same amount of practice, he could have learned to play that on an actual mandolin and it would have sounded better. I wonder if he has GMAS for a Gibson M-6?

Oct-13-2009, 4:58pm
... what do danes down before breakfast?

Oct-13-2009, 5:50pm
I had a friend that bought one of those a few years back. Kind of a PIA to play. The fingering is like a guitar but good luck on getting your fingers into the chord shapes in that small space.

Jake Wildwood
Oct-14-2009, 5:55pm
Mike: Exactly. I really don't like these super-short-scale-guitar-gizmos. If he wanted to stay guitar with a chirpier tone, a terz or quart guitar can do the same trick, too, depending on how it's built.

Oct-14-2009, 10:40pm
One time, before I played mandolin, I fooled with an M6 at the local MARS Music (yeah, that long ago). It was awful to try and play, just no room for my fingers. Since that time I've contemplated what you could do with one. We tried tuning a mini Martin in fifths and that was fun. I bet this Gold Tone or the M6 would be very interesting tuned in fifths, C-G-D-A-E-B.

Oct-14-2009, 10:53pm
Or leave one string off...