View Full Version : My Grady F5 #38

Bluegrass Picker 1958
Oct-13-2009, 2:26pm
Check out my Grady F5 #38.. with one piece back.. Purdy aint she...

Oct-13-2009, 2:39pm
Pretty slick there Jeff and I love the headstock inlay work. Simply beautiful!!

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

Skip Kelley
Oct-13-2009, 4:29pm
That's one sweet looking mandolin!

Jimmy Kittle
Oct-14-2009, 3:01pm
I need to come down there and play it!!!

Bluegrass Picker 1958
Oct-14-2009, 3:03pm
Sounds good Jimmy.. When you coming down this way?

Oct-14-2009, 3:30pm
Looks very nice. Congratulations to you and Mr. Grady.