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Mark Gibbs
Oct-11-2009, 11:48pm
I just got these photos of my new Wilkie Mandolin that is under construction.
As a reminder, Wyatt Wilkie has been building mandolins for many years and recently finished working at Benedetto guitars where for the last 2 years he built 70 deluxe arch tops for Bob Benedetto. Now he is going into business hand crafting mandolins and arch top guitars.
This mando will be quilted maple back and sides, Big leaf maple neck and sitka spruce top. Waverly tuners and a James tailpiece. I can't wait.

Oct-12-2009, 12:11am
Congratulations! Wyatt Wilkie was unknown to me until your post. It sounds like he has the background to make a great mandolin . I look forward to seeing more pics as it progresses.

Mark Gibbs
Oct-12-2009, 1:01am
Thanks for the good words Eric. I bought a mando from Wyatt in June while he was still at Benedetto. I liked it and the way it sounded so much i am getting another one like the first but with the exotic woods and hardware.
Here are a couple of photos of the first one i bought in June. Great tone and playability is fantastic. So you will know what i have to compare it to i have been playing a Givens F-5 for 33 years.

Tracy Tucker
Oct-12-2009, 7:50am
Wow Mark, that has absolutely beautiful figuring (one the sides, too!). Can't wait to see it with color.

Oct-12-2009, 7:57am
Cool. I like the sound hole shape alot as well. I would like to hear one, sometime.


Skip Kelley
Oct-12-2009, 8:05am
Mark, Thats going to be an awesome looking mandolin! Congratulations!

Mark Gibbs
Oct-12-2009, 11:02am
I have a sound clip posted and i found it on page 7

Oct-12-2009, 11:25am
Which thread, Mark?


Oct-12-2009, 3:12pm
Found it. The wonders of "search."


Oct-12-2009, 3:41pm
Thanks. That's nice.


Oct-13-2009, 2:09am
Hey Mark,
Beautiful woods. But you should ask for CA bridge or similar. I cannot imagine how the saddle on your mandolin can play in tune up the neck without proper compensation. Monteleone did it on couple of his first mandolins and later commented it was mistake to use guitar style compensation on mando.
BTW, the drop off of the fingerboard end is there or it's just optical illusion? It looks huge, but I heard guitar people do this intentionally.

Mark Gibbs
Oct-13-2009, 11:33pm
Thanks for the good words Adrian. Wyatt has my mando now and has put on a James tailpiece. Regarding the fingerboard extention drop off, here is a photo from another angle. Also a photo with the new James. I should have it back here next week.

Josh Kaplan
Oct-14-2009, 3:12am
I tried a Wyatt Wilkie mandolin when I was in Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz (CA) recently, and it was my favorite of all the ones in the store. The back and sides were African Beli wood. I'd never heard of that, but it looked great and the tone was clear, loud, and pleasing. This one was a two-point, oval hole, but still a unique look that I liked a lot.


Mark Gibbs
Oct-15-2009, 6:15pm
Just received word from Wyatt that his Wilkie Mandolin at the Sylvan music shop in San Cruz was sold today. I wonder if anybody knows who bought it. Here are some photos from the Sylvan sight.

Bruce Clausen
Oct-15-2009, 7:36pm
Great looking mando you have there, Mark. (Plus I think you live in one of the nicest spots anywhere.) Bridge looks massive to me, but I don't see a compensation problem. I get the feeling many builders overcompensate for the diameter difference between the Es and the As, and make the A strings too long. Does it play in tune, Mark?


Josh Kaplan
Oct-15-2009, 8:13pm
Yes, that's the one. A wonderful instrument. I didn't buy it, though!


Mark Gibbs
Oct-15-2009, 8:38pm
Thanks Bruce for the good words. Yes, it plays in tune. I sent the mando to Wilkie for a James tailpiece upgrade and it will be coming back my way tomorrow. I have checked the intonation with my Boss TU-12H tuner and found no major problems with intonation. I realise the tuner is not the best in the world but it works. I will post some more sound clips soon. I have a sound clip posted
This is a song i am still working on and it gets better and better every time i play it.

Mark Gibbs
Oct-15-2009, 8:42pm
Josh, I was wondering if you bought it. I can only imagine that somebody read your post and went to Sylvan's to check it out?? Wyatt says thanks.

Josh Kaplan
Oct-15-2009, 9:29pm
Well, I played it when I was in Sylvan's in early August and then again two weeks ago, so I know it has been there a while. The timing of the sale could be a coincidence, but either way we know there's one happy mandolin player somewhere out there in Santa Cruz.

Mark Gibbs
Jan-02-2010, 12:21pm
Update. Just received work from Wyatt that my new mandolin is almost finished. We are waiting for the James tailpiece with custom engraving to arrive. Wyatt comments " I think it is the best I've made to date." I'm excited to say the least.

As a reminder, I knew Wyatt when he lived near me in Crescent City Ca. He was building mandos then and i was impressed with his work. He moved away and we lost touch. Last spring i thought I'd track him down and found him working as Master Craftsman at Benedetto Guitars where he had built 70 one of a kind deluxe arch top guitars for Bob Benedetto.These guitars sell in excess of 40k. He was still building mandolins and had 3 under construction at the time, I bought one. I liked it so much i commissioned another just like it but with quilted maple, Waverly's etc. Won't be long now!!!