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small axe
Oct-07-2009, 8:04pm
I recently received my first mandolin from Mike at Big Muddy...it's a MW-0 with walnut sides and back. I replaced the tailpiece with an Allen TR-2 in nickel because one of the "teeth" on the stock tailpiece sheared off during my first string change - a little too much anxiety and tension when trying to tune! I have d'addario J74s on it at present but also enjoyed the GHS med-lights that came on it and look forward to trying the JM-11 Jazzmandos that I've read so much about on this forum (I already ordered a set along with some Jazzmando Pro-Plec picks and Getting Into Jazz Mandolin).


Dave Weiss
Oct-07-2009, 8:25pm
Gotta love 'em. I'm getting ready to replace the tail piece on the mandola, but I went for the scalloped tail-piece (I'm cheap). I'm not done trying different strings, but so far I like J74's the best on the mandolin.

Have fun and enjoy.

Oct-07-2009, 8:26pm
Is it an MW-0 or like mine, and M0-W... the wide neck version of the M0

Checking to see if he's changed model designations, or if it's just a typo.

small axe
Oct-07-2009, 8:37pm
It says "MW-0" on the label. I suppose this means "wide" neck? However, the neck doesn't seem particularly wide so perhaps the "W" stands for walnut? Either way, I'm happy with it and probably wouldn't know the difference anyway!

BTW, I only went with an Allen tailpiece because it was "blemished" and I purchased it at a considerable discount from retail. I had also read on this forum that they were the bees knees of tailpieces.

Dave Weiss
Oct-07-2009, 8:55pm
My label sez MW-OW, walnut body, wide neck...:)

Oct-07-2009, 9:13pm
Very interesting... an M0 with a walnut body. I like it <s>

Martin Jonas
Oct-08-2009, 12:36pm
Indeed. I believe that's a new innovation for the M-0: up to now, the M-0 has always been a mahogany body, i.e. in effect an M-1 without binding. I have a Mid-Mo M-0W, which is mahogany body, wide fingerboard. For reasons not entirely clear to me, the wide board always came (and maybe still comes) with an ebony board and bridge rather than the rosewood that is standard on the M-0.

Mine is great, so I'm sure you'll love yours. Quite an agressive mandolin for a flattop, strong, loud, in your face, and I find that the stock GHS, or else the d'Addario J73 set, suits its character better than a flatwound string or the Lenzner/Fisoma or Optima strings I use for my bowlbacks.


small axe
Oct-09-2009, 4:48pm
J73s, huh? I'll give them a try in the next few string changes. Thanks for the information.


Barbara Shultz
Oct-09-2009, 5:54pm
I love mine! Alas, somewhere along the way, it lost it's label! But, it's the one without binding. I think these mandos are quite a bargain!

Oct-10-2009, 12:37am
I think these make great starting mandolins. I loved my Mid Mo as it was very playable. That seems to be where they put their focus and it's great for the starting mando player.

Oct-10-2009, 3:17am
me too ... love 'em. the Allen TR-2 tailpiece looks terrific - right in keeping with the simple elegance of the instrument - complimenti.

might not be what you're looking for in terms of tone but i use "calace-RW92 medium" strings from dogal - round wound carbon steel. not as bright as the d'addario or GHS strings - more mellow and lute like.

Barbara Shultz
Oct-10-2009, 8:51am
I'd say they go far beyond a great starting mandolin! Granted, I got mine mainly as my travel mando, so I wouldn't be subjecting my my expensive mandos to the rigors of travel... but mine is very easy to play, very loud and ringing, perfect intonation... Right now, the mando that I play the most is my new Collings MT2O, and while the Mid-Mo doesn't sound exactly like it.... I can pick up the Mid-Mo and play it, and it's not like its a big step down to play, either in it's playability, or it's sound!

Oct-10-2009, 9:22am
My second mandolin I ever owned was a Mid-Mo very similar to this one. I went from a cheap plywood Rover to the Mid-Mo and I was blown away by the sound differnce when I first got it.

I finally traded it in to get my next mandolin but I always regretted doing that. It was my first case of sellers remorse I wish i had kept that mandolin it was perfect for playing Old Time and Celtic music.

I am glad they still make them. It really is a great bargain.

small axe
Oct-10-2009, 10:49am
This is my first mandolin and I didn't try it, or any other Mid-Mos /Big Muddys before I bought it - I went on recommendations from all of you on this forum. I have since played a few Eastman A and F models, a Fender A and another "starter" mandolin that I can't recall at the moment. I definitely like the Big Muddy sound the best - and it's true, I'm biased towards hand-made in the USA products (ask me about my fly rod collection) and want to support local/regional/national artisans and craftsmen and women in most of my purchases. Talking with Mike confirmed for me that this was probably going to be the best mandolin that I could afford at the moment and it has exceeded my expectations. And most everyone that has picked it up is amazed at the craftsmanship and sound. The Allen tailpiece was a result of both knocking the original tailpiece cover off every time I played the mandolin and then breaking one of the teeth off of the original one. I don't notice any sound difference with Allen but enjoy the extra weight, function (no cover) and, of course, the look.

Dave Weiss
Oct-10-2009, 2:48pm
I always get a chuckle out of someone referring to Mid-mo/Big Muddy mandos as great "starters". I wonder how long it will be before my playing abilities are impeded by the instruments :confused:.
I personally like the sound of these instruments over others that I've played. Steak is good, but beans taste just fine :))

Oct-10-2009, 2:59pm
I always get a chuckle out of someone referring to Mid-mo/Big Muddy mandos as great "starters". I wonder how long it will be before my playing abilities are impeded by the instruments :confused:.
I personally like the sound of these instruments over others that I've played. Steak is good, but beans taste just fine :))

ho-ho ... 10-4 ...

Oct-12-2009, 7:02pm
Congrats for getting such a beautiful instrument. As others have said, they are a great bargain; easy to play, well-made and wonderful tone. I love my Mid-Mo, it suits my needs very well...may yours do the same!

Earl Gamage
Oct-13-2009, 11:23pm
I think I'm going to get one of those sooner or later. Why the heck does anybody need more than one mandolin? Oh well, I'm doing it anyway.

Congrats on a very nice instrument.