View Full Version : Living the Mandolin Life, Always, On Road, Stage or Sea

Oct-04-2009, 8:14am
Living the Mandolin Life, Always, On Road, Stage or Sea

Traveling to the next paying gig or music contest is Brian Roe's life's work. In summer, the Roe Family Band caravans in their trailer, with a separate van leading the way. Their winter lodging is a sailboat bound for ports in Central and South America.

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Adam McKillip
Oct-04-2009, 10:48pm
I got the chance to meet them at a local bluegrass festival in Mayville NY a while back. Our bass player even got to use Vicki's bass, 'cause the fool forgot his. Haha. Quite the family. Vicki's sweeter than anything in this entire world. And rather happy...all the time.. even in the downpour we had at the festival. Haha! Hip Hip HOORAY for the Roe's!!!