View Full Version : Collings TKL case

Feb-10-2004, 3:23pm
Does anyone know where you can buy the shaped TKL case that Collings ship their mandolins in? The case I've seen with Collings mandolins is a TKL product that looks to be built similar to the Martin Geib guitar cases. Shaped case with black exterior and vintage green velvet interior, leather handle, chrome latches, appears to be extra padding, etc. I've looked at TKL's website along with FQMS and other music store sites and can't find a case that that meets these specs. Any ideas?


Strado Len
Feb-10-2004, 4:08pm
TKL makes the American Vintage rectangular mandolin case which has the same construction and features as the Collings shaped case. You can get them from Elderly. I have not seen the shaped case in this style available from anyone but Collings.

Feb-13-2004, 9:48am
I have a Collings TKL case I would be happy to sell. Email me at mitchelljaycohen@yahoo.com