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Stephen Cagle
Sep-30-2009, 8:48pm
Here are some pic's of my new England mandolin. Guys and gals this mandolin has it all! A wonderful look with Bryan's headstock design. An unbelievable tone. My father and son and I rode up to Caneyville Ky. to pick it up 2 weeks ago. 3 generations right there talking about everything. Me explaining things to my son and my dad correcting me every step of the way. Well we did have a blast.
Bryan makes several styles including an A style. He and Larry Shepherd make 2 sizes. The "Big Body" and a standard size. I wanted a standard size mandolin and it turned out unbelievable. I wanted a few upgrades and Bryan and Larry was very gracious to do them. I got a beautiful 1 piece back. A slight V neck and nickel gotoh turners. Top is cedar and dang the tone! Also, the nut width is 1 1/8. Oh yeah this was nice: he makes his mando nuts out of fossilized walrus ivory.

Caneyville is about 18 miles from Rosine and we drove over to Bill Monroe's home place. All I can say is wow. This little place just reeks of bluegrass like you would not believe. We visited the old Rosine country store where people were just sitting around telling stories. People playing bluegrass just outside the store getting ready to go on stage next door at the Rosine jamboree.

I know I went long on this and I'm sorry. I'll post some pic's of the England first and then some of Rosine.

Sep-30-2009, 9:01pm
Congratulations on the England. I've been to Rosine one time while at fanfest when it was in KY. Really cool little town.


Trey Young
Sep-30-2009, 9:10pm
Congrats on the new England, I've played a couple (a guy around where I live sells them for Bryan so he has had several) and they've all sounded, played, and looked great. Enjoy.

Steve Perry
Oct-01-2009, 1:23am
Nice mandolin! Bryan does an excellent job. I do see a couple of my pickin' buddies in the pictures. Wilbur Huff in the red shirt is playing a 1913 F-2 (although you can't see it) and Rufus Rogers standing to the right of him playing guitar.

Oct-01-2009, 9:34am
Steve I'm jealous! Wish I could attend some of the many jams in KY...one of these days. I'm still trying to get some of my BG friends here to caravan to the Jerusalem Ridge festival in 2010. Then I can do the barn jam. ;)


Stephen Cagle
Oct-01-2009, 11:13am
We drove right thru Jerusalem Ridge and and it kinda snuck up on us. When I saw the "Welcome to Jerusalem Ridge" you just couldn't help but visualize Bill walking up and down those roads, dirt back then of course. But dang it made the hairs stand up on my arms. I really enjoyed being there. So much that I let my son drive some and I pulled out the england and played a little Jerusalem Ridge on it while driving thru. I cant wait to go back myself.