View Full Version : ordered another mandolin

Mark Gibbs
Sep-25-2009, 12:32am
Well i liked my Wilkie Mandolin that i got in June, so I have ordered another one. This one will have quilted maple back and sides, Engelman top and curly maple neck. And yes i'm going to get the Waverly gears and the James tailpiece. The Waverlys for an A style mando take 5 weeks but it will take at least that long for him to build the mando. I'll be posting more photos as i get them. This is a photo of the back after being bookmatched and cut out.

Bill Snyder
Sep-25-2009, 7:55am
It is ashamed that he did not have any maple with a bit of figure in it. ;)
Beautiful piece.

Sep-26-2009, 10:13pm
Kind of hypnotizing, that piece of wood. First I thought I saw Humpty Dumpty in it. Then it turned into Jabba-the-Hutt. Then all other kinds of things. Then back to the Big Egg. I was finally able to break away.

Old Man Mezmer's got nothing on that slab of wood...