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Sep-24-2009, 6:14pm
I have just completed this restoration for a customer. I hope it might be of interest. Although originally a 12 string, it had been an 8 string for around 50 years so it was felt appropriate to leave it as such.

Cheers all, Mark Shiner. luthier. www.selkiestrings.co.uk

man dough nollij
Sep-24-2009, 11:17pm
Great job, Mark-- looks awesome! I really like that music, what is it?

Sep-25-2009, 9:43am
The opening page has a music credit. It's by Frank Keenan. No title given. Here's (http://www.myspace.com/frankkeenan) a MySpace page.
Nice Job on both the restore and the video.

Sep-25-2009, 11:23am
That is really great.

What is ebony paste?

Sep-25-2009, 4:35pm
Thanks all for the encouraging comments. Frank Keenan is a singer-songwriter who lives in Orkney and is starting to carve out a bit of a scene here in Scotland at a few large festivals and radio appearences. I play clarsach and mandolin in his band. He has two cd's out and they are both good.

Ebony paste is simply ebony dust, produced by my bobbin sander and a scrap piece of ebony. This is mixed with liquid hide glue (the stuff nobody likes but you need it to stay workable and its pretty non-structural here) I applied the tiles of ebony and MOP I had cut (I made a jig to get them all the same size) then pasted the ebony paste in between. I then formed the tile edges with a sanding block and files on the MOP, then raised to a polish with a great little polishing kit of small reusable papers from Touchstone Tonewoods.
Thanks for looking, Mark Shiner.


Sep-25-2009, 4:36pm
Oh, and the music track is called "Curlew Song".
Cheers, M.

Sep-25-2009, 8:21pm
Very nice!

Jake Wildwood
Sep-26-2009, 9:53am
Very nice indeed!

Sep-26-2009, 10:19am

Ivan Kelsall
Sep-27-2009, 12:24am
Terrific !!. Lovely work & great music to boot,many thanks,

Sep-27-2009, 3:49pm
Cheers Ivan. Maybe you'll drop into the workshop next time you are passing through Orkney.