View Full Version : Breedlove Quartz FF

Sep-23-2009, 5:59am
Here's my first mandolin. I'm pretty ecstatic :mandosmiley:

Sep-23-2009, 1:59pm
Wow, she's a Beauty! That's the kind of first mandolin that will encourage you to play and play. Enjoy!

man dough nollij
Sep-23-2009, 3:20pm
Congrats, Tim, that's a beaut! I've played a couple of those in stores, and they seemed really well made, sounded really good, and are a smokin' deal, too. I like the unconventional styling as well. :mandosmiley:

Sep-23-2009, 4:53pm
Thank you kindly, cool people!

I must say that I am partial to a little modern edge, and am genuinely excited to have this kind of quality for my first mandolin.

Sep-25-2009, 9:09am
I have the exact same mandolin- well, it looks just like it- and I love it. I also like the cool vibe look of it. Kind of retro- modern or something. Quite a score for your first mandolin. You will enjoy it!