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barry k
Sep-18-2009, 11:14pm
Here are a couple that are a little different. Years ago they made the A3 but that had an oval hole and an F5 was never offered with a white face I dont think, with the exception of Butch's . I think I will designate the "A" an
A 3.5 and the F an F 3 waddeaya think?

Sep-18-2009, 11:43pm
I have been wishing for a while someone would build a modern A-3 with F holes. Very cool !!! What is the wood on the top?

barry k
Sep-18-2009, 11:54pm
The top wood on both mandolins is German spruce, they gonna pop too , fairly light mandolins.

Sep-18-2009, 11:58pm
I'd just call 'em mandolins. ;)
What did you paint those with? White base coat of some sort with clear over?

french guy
Sep-19-2009, 1:59am
some name :

snow-mando , milk-mando , dove-mando

barry k
Sep-19-2009, 12:44pm
John, I do all my solid colors the same way, this case it was flat white krylon, and it has to be Krylon brand, then start the lacquer process, just like with standard staining. The red is a red mahogany and dark brown mix, dark brown knocks out the screaming reds, which I dont like too much.

Sep-19-2009, 12:51pm

Russ Partain
Sep-19-2009, 1:18pm
Mando-Blanco is the bomb-diggity

barry k
Sep-19-2009, 6:13pm
My wife, being a German, says "Mandoline in Weiss" or "Mandoline mit weissem Gesicht"

Randi Gormley
Sep-19-2009, 7:12pm
Bob and Frank? Bill and Earl?

Don Grieser
Sep-19-2009, 8:41pm
I've always loved those white A-3s. Glad to see you doing some white mandos. Very cool. Can you find white pickguards too?

Call 'em Frankie and Johnny.

barry k
Sep-19-2009, 9:40pm
Yes, I have the material for a white or even a cream colored pickguard, both would look good I believe.

John Gardinsky
Sep-19-2009, 9:54pm

Mario Proulx
Sep-19-2009, 11:55pm
Why, those two are Mime Mandolins, of course!

Why Krylon?

Sep-20-2009, 7:59am
Thanks for the Krylon tip, Barry. I have a black top coming up so I'll experiment on scrap...

Mario, when I worked "at the factory" I was spraying Fullerplast. The inside of the banjo resonators were painted black then sprayed with clear fullerplast. Before I was working there they had tried every available black spray paint that they could find, and the only type that didn't have adhesion problems with the Fullerplast was Dutch Boy. Sometimes things really have to be specific!

Sep-20-2009, 8:31am
Bob and Frank? Bill and Earl?

Floyd and Lloyd?

Sep-20-2009, 8:31am
A5W and F5W

Sep-20-2009, 5:20pm
I like mando-blanco. Probably not the best for Grassers for them A5W and F5W.


Skip Kelley
Sep-21-2009, 6:18am
Barry, I would call them "Awesome"!!:grin: When I was working with C.E. Ward he made one with a white top, pearloid binding and white holly fretboard and peghead veneer. I thought it looked cool. Can't wait to see more pics of your's! Great job!

Sep-21-2009, 7:17am
Use clown barf peghead ornamentation, binding, fret markers and pick guard and call them White Dogs. :whistling:
Just kidding. Very nice Barry, I'm also a fan of the old gibson whitefaces and will be looking forward to seeing them completed.

barry k
Sep-21-2009, 11:38am
These 2 mandolins have tortise shell binding all around, but same concept as Ward's mandolin, white headstock veneer and white fingerboard, AND white bridge. Jamie, why wont grassers like em?? and heres the bridges again. Thanks for the nice comments also, everyone.

Sep-21-2009, 11:52am
Too non-bluegrassy sounding (mando blanco sounds like it would be used for Italian or classical music). Hey, I might be wrong! Wouldn't be the first time I've answered for a group I'm not a member of :)


Darryl Wolfe
Sep-21-2009, 12:14pm
Have you seen this

Here http://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Museum/Mandolin/Gibson/F2White/f2white.html

Tom C
Sep-21-2009, 12:21pm
I'm looking foward to seeing the finished mando. Looks great and very.....white. Maybe lean a bit more towards the cream imo.

barry k
Sep-21-2009, 1:03pm
Tom, I agree, that on the initial pics...ITS WHITE , but as the lacquer is going on, it is toning down quite a bit and will eventually with age as the lacquer yellows some, will be that A3 refigerator white that we all love. I can describe it looking now like a piece of pure white marble, with depth and opaqness (sp?) happening, headstock looking like that too. This is a new expierence for me, I have done plenty of blackface mando's. The white. in my opinion, is a little more difficult because it shows every little speck and its hard to see when level sanding.

Kevin K
Sep-21-2009, 2:31pm
What are the bridges made of?

barry k
Sep-21-2009, 4:47pm
The bridges are made from fossilized ivory. These mandos will have the ivory nut also.

Patrick Gunning
Sep-21-2009, 6:10pm
Have you tried a whole fossil ivory bridge on a regular mando yet? Is fitting it as ridiculously difficult as I'd imagine? Got any idea on its effect on tone vs. ebony?