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Sep-17-2009, 5:09pm
I won't take up space with lots of photos of the latest batch, but there are more on my web site, inlcuding a new mandola model. Here are a few F5 tasters. Thanks for looking!

Sep-17-2009, 5:12pm
Wow....that's terrific.

Sep-17-2009, 6:02pm
wOw! ~:>~:>~:>~:>~:>

Sep-17-2009, 6:16pm
Five Chickens indeed. Great looking work, Andrew. I love your colors and headstock inlay.


Sep-17-2009, 9:33pm

John Gardinsky
Sep-18-2009, 5:27am
That looks like it would be fun to touch.

Scotti Adams
Sep-18-2009, 6:37am
Very Nice!

Bill Auld
Sep-18-2009, 7:07am
Beautiful burst, Andrew! And the binding work looks flawless ...

Cary Fagan
Sep-18-2009, 8:21am
Another playable work of art from Andrew. Just beautiful.

Sep-18-2009, 8:28am

Kevin K
Sep-18-2009, 9:11am
Would be afraid to touch, looks like you would get your finger wet. Beautiful work there.
Nice headstock work as well.

Skip Kelley
Sep-18-2009, 9:12am
Wow1 Andrew, that's as nice as they come! I have never seen a mandolin any more perfect!

Sep-18-2009, 9:26am

Sep-18-2009, 1:50pm
Thanks folks! Hey Cary, congratulations on your book-- it's on my list!

Brad Weiss
Sep-18-2009, 2:25pm

Ivan Kelsall
Sep-19-2009, 4:28am
Your Mandolins are always wonderful creations Andrew & the one above is no exception,but this is my favourite of yours (pics.from a previous thread),'simply' awesome !!!,

Mark Walker
Sep-22-2009, 2:59pm
As Mary Poppins once exclaimed, "QUITE SATISFACTORY!"

Excellent work Andrew! Keep it up - I think you're onto something there! ;)

Sep-22-2009, 8:11pm
First we had to warn Jim Hillburn and now I feel like we simply must warn Andrew....please cease and desist from any more photos as you are creating a severe case of MAS in at least one Mandolin Cafe member who has been in remission for several years now!


Chris Biorkman
Sep-22-2009, 10:02pm
Looks fantastic, Andrew. Your work just keeps getting better and better.

Sep-22-2009, 10:26pm
That mandola is just too beautiful... congrats Andrew! One of the most elegant, perfectly balanced instruments I've ever seen. Attention all mandola fans... check this beauty out!

Chuck Naill
Dec-04-2009, 12:04am
The one piece back and finish are stunning. Thank you and congratulations. :)

Dec-05-2009, 9:55am

Words are simply inadequate, but perfection in art form comes to mind...

Dec-05-2009, 10:22am
you can get lost in the depths of that Mowry one piece back. I'd like to smell it. Is that bird's eye siding?---Lou