View Full Version : Michele Marano, Pupil of Vinaccia

Sep-17-2009, 12:27pm
Dear Mandolin Experts and Enthusiasts,
I have just read some of a Jan.2005 thread under “Bowl backs of Note”, so joining this board seemed to be the best way to learn about a vintage instrument which was given to me with its hard case in England many years ago, and for which I feel I should find a more appreciative home, since I lack any playing skill.
I hope these photos show its condition, including a broken string. Because I am not a musician, I cannot judge its sound, nor know if its current strings can produce the best sound of which it is capable.
The label inside reads: “Michele Marano Allievo di Vinaccia, Sistema de Meglio di Strumenti Armonici, Fabricante Napoli Vico Consiglio 22 Premiato con Diploma d’Onore All Espos.ne di Torino 1898”
I would like to know if it can be considered an authentic collector’s item and possibly best sold by online auction. If so, how should I determine a reserve price?
Thank you for any advice, comment or information.:)