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Sep-14-2009, 6:45pm
I place this here, as I am hoping that this crowd will be able to help me somehow. Earlier this year, I purchased a beautiful Gilchrist F-5 from Mitch Simpson, who I am sure many of you know, either personally, or by reputation. The Mandolin is beautiful and singular, as it is the Gilchrist that David Grisman used on his CD, New River, with Denny Zeitlin. I have no real doubts that this is the mandolin as the markings match the CD cover picture of the mandolin... At the time of the sale, Mitch promised that he would get with DG and get a letter of provenance to go with the mando. I am a collector of sorts, and know the tremendous importance of keeping the history of any antique, or in this case a beautiful instrument, documented... to stay with the instrument into the future. We are all temporary in an instrument's life.
However, Mitch said early on in several emails, and on the phone, that it would be no problem at all getting a letter from David Grisman... and then he has dropped off any radar that I have... I have called, and emailed, and left messages on his phone at the Chevy dealership, and sent messages here as well... he apparantly is WAAAYYY to busy, or just avoiding me like the plague.
Can anyone help in getting in touch with David Grisman himself, and cutting out Simpson, as for some reason he will fulfill his promise to me. I will gladly send DG a letter, or an email, or call, but I have no clue on how to contact... it doesn't seem to help sending emails to his website...
thanks for what ever anyone can provide... this is a great mando, with a wonderful history, attached to a tremendous player, and it should have some note of importance to send on with it for the years ahead.


Sep-14-2009, 7:03pm

Please refer to the posting guidelines (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/faq.php) on solving grievances.

Please resolve this between the affected parties. A way to reach Grisman would be through his site (http://www.dawgnet.com/giacomel/giacomel.html). His e-mail is listed under the Giacomel section.


Sep-14-2009, 7:35pm
The OP is not trying to solve a grievance, but on a quest to contact David Grisman since the other contact option has apparently fell through.

Sep-14-2009, 8:13pm
John, I can't guaranteed you'll get an answer but try customerservice@acousticdisc.com. That's David's record label and I'm assuming they might be able to forward on your request of get you a better contact address.

Sep-14-2009, 8:17pm
Indeed, i am not trrying to resolve any issue with Mitch Simpson. I only provided the "story" to frame my request to get in touch with Grisman. I have tried that customer service email address, and have recieved no reply whatsoever....
thanks for that suggestion though...

Sep-14-2009, 8:23pm
Telephone numbers, P.O. Boxes and more addresses can be found here (http://www.acousticdisc.com/acd_html/1.html). Go to the Contact Us page. He owns the company, somebody has to be able to get to him. Beyond that PM cafe member Bernie Daniel's and ask him if he could give you a hand.

Sep-14-2009, 8:36pm
Or meet up with him at a DGQ gig, like Fishdawg:

Sep-14-2009, 9:27pm
JFDil-He'll be in Chicago in Dec - http://www.davidgrisman.com/tour.html. There's a few email addresses on his website. I'd check those out too.

barney 59
Sep-14-2009, 11:11pm
Call Charlie at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma, California. Is it o.k. to put phone numbers here? I do know though that DG handles alot of instruments and that there are only a very particular few that he will sign off on in that way. If it is something that he is on record of performing with or recording with then I would think that maybe then he would.

Sep-15-2009, 3:38pm
I want to thank all of you for your input, and some who gave me some personal posts... DG got in touch with me, and has offered to supply some documentation regarding this Gilchrist.

again... thanks for all your help...