View Full Version : Lyon and Healey Question

Sep-13-2009, 3:40pm
My I have wonderful sounding Lyon and Healy Style B Mandolin that is missing the tailpiece. I would love to find a replacement tailpiece. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can look? Also, the tuners have been replaced and do not look good. Can anyone suggest tuners that would fit this mandolin and look authentic?

Bill Snyder
Sep-13-2009, 3:52pm
If no one comes up with an answer for you do not take it as them ignoring you. As far as I know there are no authentic looking replacements available except for vintage tuners and tailpiece.
You could post a wanted add in the classifieds and see if anyone has a basket case old mandolin that they are willing to part out. Another place to look is ebay. People sometimes part out old mandolins there.
Good luck with your search.

Sep-13-2009, 4:09pm
Thank you for the suggestion. I have posted a wanted ad.

Michael Gowell
Sep-13-2009, 6:15pm
And be prepared to be patient...I searched for an old Gibson pineapple tailpiece cover (pre-1911 or so) for years, until one expert directed me to another who he knew had a spare in his desk. Look for L&H enthusiasts - I think there are several on this board - try searching old threads for L&H, then send a PM to a couple of them about your quest.