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Ivan Kelsall
Sep-09-2009, 5:07am
''Home & contents'' Insurance renewal time again prompted me to take some individual pics.of all my instruments (inc.serial nos.) 'just in case'.
While i had 'em all out i took a couple of 'group shots'. Unfortunately i had to use flash in a rather dark room,which doesn't do them justice (especially my Elec.Guitar) which is a beautiful metallic sky blue.
Nevertheless, for all you afficionados of things 'strung every whichway',
this is my collection :-

Left - Tokai 'Breezysound' Tele.style electric Guitar.
Left centre - 2006 Weber "Fern"
Center - 1987 Stelling 'Bellflower' 5-string Banjo.
Right centre - 2001 Lebeda F-5 "Special".
Right - 2007 Tanglewood TW-1000SR (Solid Rosewood Back & sides) acoustic.

Sep-09-2009, 6:05am
Nice Collection, this is mine (no drums, keyboard and electric guitar in the picture).

David M.
Sep-09-2009, 8:55am
Not a fiddle in either lot ?? :)

Sep-09-2009, 9:13am
Thanks for the pics, guys!!

Sep-09-2009, 9:16am
Check out the Groupings (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7322&highlight=groupings)thread.


Sep-09-2009, 10:16am
Very nice, Ivan. I know the Stelling is your pride and joy, so of course it occupies the central position (also for symmetry), but it is heartwarming to see you have two mandolins! :mandosmiley:

Sep-09-2009, 2:32pm
I can't resist.. this is most of my lot. As my wife will attest (although she's starting to amass a bit of a collection herself), I'm a complete doof about instruments.

Rick Simon
Sep-09-2009, 4:11pm
i can't resist.. This is most of my lot. As my wife will attest (although she's starting to amass a bit of a collection herself), i'm a complete doof about instruments.

Jake Wildwood
Sep-09-2009, 6:13pm
Here's my vintage collection... not very mandolin heavy but that's because I always rotate my GDAE and keep my CGDA constant. :)

Mando Family:
c.1900 Gindlesperger Mandola (spruce and mahogany)
c.1915 Oscar Schmidt 12 stringer (my "placeholder" mando)
(not pictured is my 1920s koa mandolin that's leaving the family!)

c.1880/90 Lakeside gut-strung (nylgut) (oak b/s/neck spruce top)
c.1920s Harmony? Regal? O-size guitar (spruce & birch) setup w/nylguts

c.1930 Slingerland (?) Banjo Uke (maple)
c.1920s Oscar Schmidt Soprano (birch)
c.1920s Richter "Bon-Ton" Soprano (super thin birch)
c.1920s Richter (unmarked) Soprano (chocolate koa)
c.1920s Regal Tiple (mahogany b/s spruce top)
c.1920s Regal Concert (flamed koa all over)
c.1920s Regal Soprano (flamed koa all over)

c.1885 Buckbee "Venus" Openback

Ivan Kelsall
Sep-10-2009, 12:57am
JB - I used to have 2 Banjos,but the pull of the Mandolin was just too strong & i let one go.
I had a Gold Star GF-100 (re-issue) & if anybody's considering buying one (?),don't hesitate.
I put a spare Stelling bridge on it & it sounded so close to my Stelling,it was scary !,
The attachment thingy aint' a workin'

Ivan Kelsall
Sep-11-2009, 12:10am
Here's my Gold Star.Made in China, & utterly incredible quality for the price.
When the guy who bought it off me played it,it sounded so good,i nearly offered him his money back in order to keep it,