View Full Version : new song

Sep-08-2009, 12:25pm
... and nashville still hasn't called!?!:

Mike Bunting
Sep-08-2009, 12:51pm
Nice! I can almost hear that other American emigre to Italy, Chet Baker, singing this.

Bruce Clausen
Sep-08-2009, 7:23pm
Great stuff, Bill! Thanks for that.


Sep-08-2009, 7:32pm
Very nice, Bill.


Jason Kindall
Sep-09-2009, 1:19pm
That's real nice! Great playing, great singing.

Sep-09-2009, 1:51pm

You (OK, and Jim Richter) are my hero!

Rick Simon
Sep-09-2009, 4:18pm
Very catchy, and well done Bill. I really enjoyed that tune!

Daniel Nestlerode
Sep-09-2009, 4:54pm
Really nice. I think you should be hearing from someone in Chicago instead of Nashville. ;)


Sep-09-2009, 7:10pm
That's great! I gotta watch again and steal some chord progressions from ya, nice sound and cool relaxing style. My favorite part is at 3:00 when the cat walks up the stairs. Why do you tie the string ends in knots and not clip them off is that what makes your mando sound so mello? Nice voice and lyrics. Five thumbs up!