View Full Version : My new 'The Loar' LM-600-VS

Sep-03-2009, 3:01pm
My first mandolin...I've played guitar for 27 years, so I figured it was time to learn something new. Mando won out over banjo and fiddle. Have already played onstage at church where my normal gig is lead guitar. My Fenders and Taylors are getting jealous...


Al Hagensen
Sep-03-2009, 3:13pm
Hey, As a fellow owner,I say congratulations!:mandosmiley:I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.Many happy years with the new Mando.!!

Sep-03-2009, 3:24pm
Congratulations and enjoy your newest addiction. Have fun and Welcome to the Café.


Sep-03-2009, 4:03pm
greetings - i'm absolutely nuts about mine: a wonderful instrument - "wicked," even. playing it "on stage at church" (fabulous!) is ok but - as james taylor says - "... you can believe it if you want to but singing (playing) works just fine for me ..."

... and old hob has the best tunes.

(nice strap, by the way ...)

Sep-03-2009, 5:44pm
Thanks for the comments and for the compliment on the strap...I actually made that this afternoon. I have another one made in the same style but single color (chocolate) instead of the light tan with a single chocolate strand running through it.


Michael Eck
Sep-03-2009, 11:18pm

Great to have you join the club. I've done over 50 gigs with mine in the past year and it just keeps sounding better.

I think you'll find you pick that guitar less and less now that you've moved over to mando.

Rob Powell
Sep-05-2009, 4:27am
I rarely ever play guitar anymore. Musiclink has really hit the mark as the current LM-600's and the LM-700 are outstanding instruments in many ways.

I saw that they were rumors of an LM-400 A style...I'm thinking it's a must have ;)

Sep-06-2009, 8:25pm
Mine is so ugly I wouldn't dare to post a pic of it here. *people run away in horror*

Sep-07-2009, 2:35am
Mine is so ugly I wouldn't dare to post a pic of it here. *people run away in horror*

i know what you mean - i generally keep my arms wrapped around it, snuggled-up close to my chest - for days on end - shielding it from the grossly inquisitive ...