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Martin Jonas
Sep-03-2009, 4:14am
I was keeping an eye on this (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280388900006) tenor guitar on Ebay UK, but with an hour and a half to go, I am backing off as it's now at more than I would pay for it. As I write, it has reached 200 Pounds, and the reserve is not reached. That is of course not a lot of money for a Gibson tenor, but this particular one looks to me to have a few issues not covered in the item description: there are clearly a lot of cracks in the back, and although at least some of them have been crudely repaired, I am not at all convinced of its structural integrity. With the cracks in the back not being mentioned, I'm not sure what the condition of the top is. Finally, I am rather concerned about it having a trapeze tailpiece. The TG-1 should have a pin bridge, so this is clearly a later attempt to shore up a failing bridge.

Anybody else in the UK who si braver than me may want to have a go at this one, if you're quick.


Sep-03-2009, 6:10am
Bidding ended with reserve not met. I expect it'll turn up again before long. I think you were right to be wary though. Not enough made of potential problems to seem like a trustworthy seller.

Bernie Daniel
Sep-04-2009, 12:34pm
I think you were wise not to go bid on it -- WAY too many issues.

Personally I would describe the condition as "fair" at best -- I do not see how a guitar with an extra hole in the side can be described any other way. Bidding was up to more than $500 USD -- with reserve not met -- I'll bet they had a lot more than that in mind.

Also I am going to guess that the guitar suffered water damage at some point?

These seem to go for $1600 -- 2500 USD in this country and are in decent shape too at that price.

Wouldn't you guess there is at least $500 -- 600 in repair costs needed?

Pete Martin
Sep-04-2009, 7:10pm
Was the previous owner Brad Pinkerton?:)):)):))