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shawnee creek
Aug-30-2009, 7:22pm
I have a commission to build a mandolin with side binding like Bill Monroes. Can any one describe the binding pattern or show a side shot of his mandolin. Thanks in advance Mike Holmes

Aug-30-2009, 8:54pm
Sure, here (http://www.mandolinarchive.com/perl/show_mando.pl?55) it is compliments of Google and the Mandolin Archive. Here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/search.php?query=side+binding&exactname=0&starteronly=0&forumchoice%5B%5D=&prefixchoice%5B%5D=&childforums=1&titleonly=1&searchdate=0&beforeafter=after&do=process) are several threads that discuss side binding.

Aug-30-2009, 9:11pm
You can go to the mandolincafe archives under the F5Journal section and get several photos of Big Mon's Loar.
That would be serial no. 73987 signed on July 9th,1923.
Or old Decca LP covers show some good close ups of the binding. Or contact and go see one of several cafe members that have Loars signed on the same day as ole Bills with the same binding. Nothing like looking at the real deal to get it right.

Aug-31-2009, 8:38am
The mandolin archives images are linked in my post.

Jim Hilburn
Aug-31-2009, 8:41am
To get that look you have to laminate together the black/ivoroid stripes to some regular binding. OR, you can order binding from Axiom (Bill James) which has the black line inlayed into each strip of binding. While it's more expensive it saves a bunch of time and installs just like a plain strip of binding without the distortion and possible separations you can get with laminated binding.

shawnee creek
Aug-31-2009, 6:50pm
Thanks,guys for you responses and information. Mike