View Full Version : Eko electric bowlback bouzouki

Ted Eschliman
Aug-30-2009, 1:27pm
Nice little Ebay score, an Eko bowlback electric bouzouki. Neck is slightly warped, but it plays like a million bucks. The amplified sound is amazing, too.





Ted Eschliman
Aug-30-2009, 1:27pm
Little buddy Shelby the Sheltie likes it too:


Ted Eschliman
Aug-30-2009, 1:30pm

Jill McAuley
Aug-30-2009, 8:20pm
Wow, that looks to be in great nick!

A friend of mine was house/pet sitting recently and there was the exact same bouzouki, laying on top of a pile of busted up, dusty guitars and old cases in the corner of the sitting room. It wasn't in playable condition though, neck was very warped, and apparently the folks who's house it was had bought it as a "wall hanger" on the cheap.


Jim Garber
Sep-09-2009, 2:24pm
I like the eagles regurgitating music. A lovely thought. I guess it is the mother eagle feeding her musically inclined young?

Sep-09-2009, 6:29pm
Here's a catalog scan.. (http://www.ekobass.co.uk/gallery-photos/catalogue1.html)

If you're interested in the fretless ABG, I've got one of those and will entertain offers, LOL.

Kerry Krishna
Oct-02-2009, 1:11am
I ended up with a new old stock 6 string version of the same one at the top of the page. Non electric though. I'll entertain any offers if anyone is interested. PM me...