View Full Version : Geijer #6 - My first scroll

Magnus Geijer
Aug-29-2009, 8:22pm
My first scroll, after building for six years. Not quite F5 specs, obviously. I did a number of things on this one that I haven't tried before, which means I don't really know what impact they had each on their own, but I'm happy with the sound as a whole.

This one is kind of a prototype for the next batch of three or four, and I think I'll change a few things. It's solid from the scroll over to the point, a block of mahogany-maple-mahogany laminate, and on the rest of them I believe I might lighten that with a few Swiss-cheese-cuts. I also oversized the sound holes compared to what I usually do, and I'm not really a fan of the resulting look. As much as I hate it, I may even bind the fret boards on the rest of them.


Aug-29-2009, 10:41pm
nothing wrong with thinking outside the box......looks great, and love the color that you have done....keith

Magnus Geijer
Aug-30-2009, 10:36pm
Thank you! I must like the color as well. This is the third red one in a row.


Sep-01-2009, 7:22am
Thats awesome, really love the look and colour. Would love to hear what it sounds like

Sep-01-2009, 7:53am
Nice work, Magnus!


Magnus Geijer
Sep-02-2009, 10:54pm
Thank you!

I would have posted a sound clip, but I've been playing a four-string for so long that my eight-string skills are deplorable. That combined with the fact that I have rather large hands, and this one was built for a young lady who, well, doesn't, means that I can't fret it cleanly to save my life.