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Bob Stolkin
Aug-28-2009, 7:01pm
Just got back from camp at Grand Targhee. Awesome place and camp, one of the best times ever. One day we had an all-camp jam on a platform at the top of the mountain, looking out at Grand Teton. Rode the chairlift up with our instruments, a total blast.

Here's a pic that someone took of me with my mando and a buddy of mine with just part of the 360 degree view behind us. Unique jamming place to say the least. I think we were right at 10,000 feet at this spot.

Aug-28-2009, 10:19pm
Nice. This seems even crazier (http://jazzmando.com/field_testing.shtml)! I remember getting off the tram at Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, NM at about ~10,000 ft after being in Blacksburg, VA the day before (3000 ft) and just sucking wind. Great views when I could get my hands off my knees and quit looking at my feet.


Aug-29-2009, 12:36am
Nice Picture. High altitude mandolin fever must be contagious. Here is another great location to play a tune or two.

Mike Bromley
Aug-29-2009, 5:35am

A scheduling change back in July precluded my attending Targhee. Darn.

Looked like a hoot, now I KNOW it was.:crying::grin:

Rick Albertson
Aug-29-2009, 7:12am
Just one of many great mountain locations during a wonderful camping trip throughout California this summer.


Aug-29-2009, 8:59am
Great mountain mandolin pics guys. Gets my blood going. Keep them coming!