View Full Version : New Elkhorns

Trey Young
Aug-25-2009, 8:47pm
Hey folks,
Robb of Elkhorn Mandolins sent me some pictures of his most recent creations and asked if I could post them here as he has limited computer time right now. So I obliged, ya'll enjoy.

First up is #20 which boasts a Red Spruce top and a one piece Sugar Maple back.

Trey Young
Aug-25-2009, 8:50pm
Next is what I assume is #21, but in any case it has a really cool one piece Koa back, I think the top is Sitka but I'm not sure on that one. This one is nearing completion.

Trey Young
Aug-25-2009, 8:52pm
and I assume it's not blasphemous to post these here...if so many apologies.

Skip Kelley
Aug-26-2009, 10:39am
Man, those are nice instruments! I love that Koa mandolin!!

Aug-26-2009, 11:21am
Nice job! All 3 are simply beautiful!

Tom C
Aug-26-2009, 12:21pm
Very Nice!

Stephen Cagle
Aug-26-2009, 9:30pm
####! those are nice!! That man can build a mandolin. Well from the looks of it he's pretty dang good at building guitars! Dang..

Trey Young
Aug-31-2009, 9:57am
The guitar is Red Spruce over Malaysian blackwood and the Koa actually has a cedar top, not sitka as I had previously thought.